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08th Nov 2023

Instagram suspend Tottenham player after Israel-Palestine posts

Callum Boyle

Manor Soloman

Solomon is an Israel international.

Tottenham Hotspur forward Manor Solomon has been suspended by the social media platform Instagram after sharing his support for Israel.

According to The Telegraph, Solomon found out that his account had been deactivated after he was permitted by the club to travel to Israel to resolve a family matter.

Spurs are said to be speaking to Instagram to restore the Premier League winger’s account.

Solomon, who has featured for Israel at international level, has used his account to show his support for his home country but found his account suspended this week after none of his posts were showing.

Tottenham have backed the player’s insistence that he was not using the platform to post anti-Palestine material and only criticised the Hamas attack while supporting Israelis who had been injured and died.

The Israeli Football Association also hit out at the decision, posting a picture of Solomon on the platform with his mouth taped over and a message that read: “The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. so help you God!”

A representative for the former Fulham and Shakhtar Donetsk winger said: “It’s ridiculous. He didn’t make any anti-Palestine posts, just support for his own country. It’s ridiculous. Instagram is ridiculous.”

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