"We spoke about it" - Jurgen Klopp opens up on Mane and Salah argument 8 months ago

"We spoke about it" - Jurgen Klopp opens up on Mane and Salah argument

Klopp laughed at the time and he's still laughing now.

The 'Mane and Salah fight', as it has come to be known thanks to Google keyword search, revolved around Liverpool's two most prolific goalscorers arguing over who should've taken the shot against Burnley.

Obviously, Sadio Mane was right to feel aggrieved that Salah didn't pass it off in that situation, instead turning back inside on his right foot and getting blocked down.

Mane came off not long after and was visibly and audibly frustrated at what had unfolded.

He was gesturing with the coaches, complaining on the bench and, for a second, there was cause for concern for Liverpool fans - until they realised that their only concern was how many goals they were going to score and who should be chosen to score the next one.

It says a lot about how far they've come and that's the point that was made on The Football Spin. Away to Burnley should be a tricky fixture. Instead, it's a place where Liverpool cruise to a 3-0 victory and argue over the ones they didn't score.

"He was upset," Jurgen Klopp said in his post-match interview.

"We spoke about it. Everything is fine.

"We are individuals. We are emotional.

"It was a situation in the game - what else could happen? Not a phone call.

"It was a situation in the game he was not happy about. It's completely fine. Would he do it in the same manner again? Probably not. 

"But nothing happened. He didn't say any wrong words, he just looked a little bit different to how he does usually."

The Liverpool manager went on to laugh at the fact that there's an international break now so Mané could not have timed his strop any better. None of the players will consume the media fallout from it and, by the time they come back, the world will have moved on.