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21st Oct 2016

Manchester United fans refuse to let club forget their major Robin van Persie oversight

They're not going to get away with this

Conan Doherty

Robin van Persie only got three seasons at Old Trafford but they were three good seasons.

He was bought to deliver Alex Ferguson his last Premier League title and 26 goals in 38 games helped out with that cause just a tad.

For those memories and for that reliable service, however brief, he’ll always be remembered fondly in Manchester.

There’s just one slight hiccup in the relationship between the Dutch master and his old club. They never bloody said goodbye to him.

Nowhere on the social media records – not on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram nor even – have the Red Devils ever marked van Persie’s time at Old Trafford or even tried to say thanks or farewell when he was moving to Fenerbahce. The striker might as well have left like a ghost from the Louis van Gaal ship and not once was his departure ever officially confirmed by the club.

That angered people. You don’t sweep someone like Robin van Persie beneath the carpet so, consistently, the club have been reminded that they never said goodbye to a man some fans call a legend.

So the news that he is actually gone is a surprise to a lot of them.

An explanation?

Too little, too late.

By the time that Thursday rolled around, there was too much water under the bridge to pretend like the club’s social media account didn’t neglect a hero of the Stretford End and neglect Twitter users who are partial to an announcement.

Where was this respect when he left?

Say hello but not goodbye?

What did we miss?

Of course, it snowballed.


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