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16th May 2016

Manchester United fans do the right thing for Sierra Leonean supporter following ‘Code Red’ fiasco

Fair play

Darragh Murphy

After the running of the emotional gamut around Old Trafford, fans have banded together to make one supporter’s experience of the whole bizarre shambles more bearable.

A fan from Sierra Leone was about to watch his first ever Manchester United match at the Theatre of Dreams on Sunday afternoon before the game against Bournemouth was suddenly abandoned following the discovery of a suspect device in the stadium.

The device turned out to be nothing more than a prop from a security training exercise that took place last week but a controlled explosion was understandably required prior to that information emerging.

While the Premier League scrambled to reorganise the tie, Manchester United Supporters Trust learned of the plight of the fan, known simply as Moses, and jumped into action.

MUST made the move to salvage Moses’ trip by re-arranging his flights home, organising accommodation for the week and securing him a ticket for Saturday’s FA Cup final at Wembley.

“Sadly they postponed the match — I was so sad about that — but they organised so I can stay another week and I’m excited about that!,” Moses told the BBC.

Ian Stirling, a vice-chairman of MUST, explained how he felt the need to do the right thing for a supporter who had travelled so far to watch United play.

“A friend of mine worked with Moses out in Sierra Leone and he said he should come over some time for a game,” Stirling said.

“We heard the game was abandoned we had to tell Moses and the poor lad was distraught — being so close to the ground and not being able to go in, not knowing when he might get this chance again.

“We had a quick discussion between us and we’ve agreed to rearrange his flight — so he’ll fly home next week instead of tomorrow — and sort him out with a ticket for the FA Cup final. A couple of friends will put him up in Manchester as well.

“He’s still distraught at not getting into Old Trafford, that was his dream, but we’re trying to do the right thing for a friend.”


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