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11th Nov 2022

Man United fans accuse Speed of being disrespectful after meeting club legend

Callum Boyle

Man United Speed

‘That’s just disrespectful’

Manchester United fans have been left angered after footage emerged of YouTuber Speed’s interaction with club legend Paddy Crerand.

Speed, who has rose to fame with his larger than life persona during his livestreams, flew over from the US in the hope of seeing Cristiano Ronaldo, only for the forward to miss out through illness.

As expected, the American internet sensation documented his time at Old Trafford in which he met some of the famous names to have worn the shirt, including Crerand.

Man United Speed

The 83-year-old appeared on Speed’s video in which the two had a bizarre exchange, with the YouTuber being told by Crerand that he played for United before the 17-year-old was born.

Speed then jokingly asked if he was David Beckham. “I’m a little bit older than David Beckham, about 30 years older,” Crerand then replied.

The club legend then told Speed what his name was before the YouTuber incorrectly repeated “Patrick Curney?” Causing Crerard to shout: “Crerard you bloody ejit.”

While the Scot appeared to laugh along with the youngster, fans of the club were left less than impressed with the 17-year-old’s behaviour towards Crerand.

One fan wrote: “How are people defending this fake fan coming and screaming in the face of a club legend? Don’t care if you like his other videos, that’s just disrespectful. Just doing it for the clicks and attention.”

Another said: “I’ve just seen the “speed” video with Paddy Crerand by the way. Sure you’ll see it on here. That’s him, probably been paid to come watch us, pat-looks angry, like paddy would have jawed him 10 years ago.”

A third said: “His name is Speed? Well he’s quick to come across as disrespectful and embarrassing. How do you support Man United and not know who Paddy Crerand is?”

United advanced to the last 16 of the Carabao Cup after beating Aston Villa 4-2 to set up a tie with Burnley which will take place days after the World Cup final.

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