The only man who can stop Liverpool is back to haunt them 4 months ago

The only man who can stop Liverpool is back to haunt them

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Legend has it that The Solskjaer can eat your soul.

In Liverpool, they fear The Solskjaer.

Kids grow up with the threat that they will be sent off to work for It, if they don't do as they're told.

Worshippers at Anfield are reminded that a place in heaven is reserved only for those who prove themselves to be worthy. Whereas the sinners, the doubters, and the shit footballers will be sent straight down to the fiery gates of Sir Matt Busby Way, should they lead a life deserving of an eternity in hell.

Some people kneel at the feet of Klopp, others hedge their bets and bow to The Solskjaer in the hope He will spare their souls and, more importantly, save them from the hard work required to play in the green fields of Anfield.

But every so often, Klopp and The Solskjaer quarrel. Despite their separation by heaven and hell and 27 points, they come face to face, with The Solskjaer plotting the downfall of his nemesis and all the heavenly promises of hugs and good football and titles. That's not what The Solskjaer stands for.

And they meet again...

Another round of fixtures this weekend means it isn't going to get any easier for the man Ed Woodward is backing to the hilt.

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The fixtures for this week are below so we'll give you some help.

Newcastle v Chelsea
(Saturday, 5.30pm)

If this was at Stamford Bridge, you'd worry about Chelsea, such is their strange form under Lampard at times.

There's still a feel-good factor associated with Frank Ball, Tammy Abraham is a bona fide goalscorer and Steve Bruce will do nothing but aim for 0-0 and hope for 1-0.

So when Abraham scores, that plan is out the window.

Prediction: Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea

Burnley v Leicester
(Sunday, 2pm)

Leicester have stagnated.

They're still six clear of Chelsea and 11 clear of United and they're still Champions League bankers but the thrills have dried up ever so slightly.

They know what they're in for at Turf Moor but Burnley's form has also seen them slip into a relegation battle.

Prediction: Burnley 1-2 Leicester

Liverpool v Man United
(Sunday, 4.30pm)

Are we all just supposed to sit around and watch Liverpool obtain 112 points?

What the hell is happening?

They've dropped just two points in 21 games this season. It's frightening stuff but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer isn't afraid - he's the only one who has stopped them winning.

United might be fifth - 13 points off relegation (they're over twice as many points behind Liverpool) - but they do have a star on their season as being the one team who hasn't lost to Klopp's men, however sad that is for everyone.

Rashford is brilliant, so is Martial and the rest are... adequate (apart from Lingard and Pereira). United are potent but Liverpool are a different story.

Prediction: Liverpool 3-0 United