Making a Murderer banner unfurled during Ireland v Northern Ireland game 4 years ago

Making a Murderer banner unfurled during Ireland v Northern Ireland game

Some things are more important.

Making a Murderer might well have taken over Netflix and the head space of crime nerds - and, let's face it, anyone with a moral compass too - but it hasn't been ignored by the sporting world either.


On Thursday's GAA Hour show, the decision to allow Dublin to continue with two home games for the Super 8 series was compared to the developments presented in Making a Murderer about Steven Avery's case and the injustice of it all. Like the logic and the evidence is being ignored and an agenda pushed through.

After new evidence was pushed last night by Avery's attorney Kathleen Zellner to further suggest that the Wisconsin native has once again been wrongfully convicted, the case and the men behind bars were on minds all over the world.


In Dublin in fact, a FREE STEVEN AVERY banner was draping from the stands of the Aviva Stadium.

The Republic of Ireland v Northern Ireland clash wasn't always captivating the 30k-strong crowd and matters more pressing than the goalless friendly were being elevated to the forefront of the Lansdowne Road conscience.


Every June, a rally is held in Manitowoc County to protest what is described as wrongful imprisonment of Brendan Dassey and Steven Avery.

In the Irish capital, they had their own protest.


Whilst one Unionist advocate from the north mistook a Munster flag for a hate-fuelled balaclava (that actually happened), others were more concerned with matters across the pond.

The game carried on as expected, no goals, no reason for optimism so why not use the 90 minutes spare time to do something worthwhile?