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18th Jul 2018

Jack Wilshere couldn’t help but comment on Luke Shaw’s new look

Quite the change

Darragh Murphy

Luke Shaw

Luke Shaw has made a conscious effort to change things up ahead of the new season.

Shaw has clearly spent a lot of time in the gym over the summer as he appears to be in the shape of his life.

After a couple of tabloids ridiculed Shaw’s appearance while he partied on a boat at the beginning of the summer, the left-back has committed himself to a training plan that has put him in incredible physical condition.

Shaw came out on top in United’s early preseason fitness tests which will have sent a clear message to manager Jose Mourinho about his dedication.

But it’s not just his physique that looks different.

Shaw also appears to have treated himself to some teeth whitening treatment in the last few weeks because his smile is looking notably brighter than it did at the end of last season.

Shaw has come in for plenty of lighthearted ribbing for his new aesthetic, with former Southampton teammate Jose Fonte comparing the full-back to Roberto Firmino due to their similarly shiny chompers.

Jack Wilshere is the latest player to poke fun at Shaw’s teeth as the West Ham midfielder asked to be put in touch with his dentist via Instagram on Wednesday morning.

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