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12th May 2016

WATCH: Luis Suarez’ sharp answer to Guillem Balague amused an awful lot of people

Tough room

Patrick McCarry

Being a humble sports journalist and dealing with superstars can often be a tough gig.

Reporters often win no friends with a hard line of questions and can often find themselves in sycophantic company [witness any and all of Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea press conferences].

Such was the case for regular Sky Sports contributor Guillem Balague when he queried Luis Suarez about a dip in form. Barcelona were knocked out of the Champions League in April and lost three La Liga games in a row.

In trying to glean why Barca’s season almost completely imploded, during that period, Balague asked Suarez if it had anything to do with his trekking to Uruguay for international duty [about 1:00 into the video below].

The striker, who has 56 club goals and 16 assists this season, shot back:

“Five days after the Uruguay [trip], I scored twice against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League.”

Cue laughter in the press room.

If anyone can bounce back from this retort, it’s Balague.

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