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11th Sep 2022

Lucas Moura criticised for airing right-wing views and comparing communism to Nazism

Callum Boyle

Moura tweeted his thoughts on the Brazilian elections

Tottenham’s Lucas Moura has been criticised for airing right-wing views after he declared his public support for controversial Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro.

The Brazilian presidential elections take place next month, with Bolsonaro aiming to secure a second term in office. The 67-year-old is deemed as right-wing and has expressed homophobic, sexist, racist and anti-environmentalist views on a number of occasions. Bolsonaro also publicly played down the severity of the covid pandemic, leading to Brazil suffering from a high death toll.

But Moura has admitted that he is a supporter of Bolsonaro – who is currently second in the polls – and accused his direct rival, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, of supporting communism, which he compared to Nazism.

“I have no problem giving my opinion on this,” he told Cara a Tapa.

“I am a right-wing conservative, I follow Christian and family principles. I don’t see a perfect presidential candidate, but I can’t deny that Bolsonaro is the closest to what I believe.

“Lula supports everything I am against. Left-wing ideology, socialism and even communism which is nothing but Nazism. Supporting Lula is almost impossible.”

Lucas Moura doubles down on comments

The 28-year-old doubled down on his comments on Twitter, claiming that “communism is the most advanced stage of socialism.” He said:

“Communism is the most advanced stage of socialism. And for me communism and Nazism are two aberrations.

“Both have killed millions of people and are indefensible regimes! But if you want to counter that, prove it to me here with a successful example of communism.”

Moura has been criticised by plenty of Tottenham supporters, with some even suggesting that he shouldn’t play for the club again.

One fan wrote: “The sooner Lucas Moura is out of our club the better. Thanks for Amsterdam and all that but on the pitch he’s been pretty poor and furthered continued tweets in support of right wing Brazil politician Jair Bolsonaro don’t really sit well with me.”

A second said: “Lucas Moura has the right to give his opinion, support and vote for whoever he wants. What he can’t do is propagate disinformation mainly as a person with a lot of followers and a player for an important team in England. Bolsominion is all the same whether it’s here or in Europe.”

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