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13th Mar 2021

Next season’s Liverpool jersey leaked and fans are divided

Photos of Liverpool's home kit for the 2021/2022 season have leaked and fans are not impressed by Nike's latest innovation

Reuben Pinder

Fans have called for New Balance to come back and “save them”

Photographs of the supposed home Liverpool jersey for the 21/22 season has leaked, with a swathe of fans far from thrilled by the look of the new design.

In 2020, Liverpool moved from New Balance to Nike, whose first Reds jersey also divided opinion, with its unorthodox collar and bright turquoise trim.

The leaked designs for next season indicate a move away from the turquoise and the zig-zag line down the sides, and a move towards the simple, minimalistic understated approach.

It’s basically a red t-shirt with a few thin diagonal lines and a Fossil-Dark Green-Bright Red detailing on the collar.

Here’s a closer look.

The response hasn’t been great though, with one Twitter user calling for New Balance to “save us.”

Another user called for the return of Reebok, who made Liverpool kits in the days of Michael Owen, Patrick Berger and Steven Gerrard wearing the number 17.

Another fan commented with a more straight to the point attitude, saying “Can’t get over how shite it is.”

There have been some positive comments on the design but opinion is certainly divided.

This does tend to happen with new kits though. Nobody likes change. And everyone loves complaining. But if this is the real kit – and it looks legit – you can be sure it will be flying off the shelves ahead of the full-time return of fans to football stadiums nationwide.

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