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21st Jan 2017

Liverpool lose dramatic game, but everyone only wants to talk about one thing


Robert Redmond

Liverpool have suffered a shock loss to bottom of the table Swansea City.

Jurgen Klopp’s side lost an unpredictable game in frustrating circumstances that could signal the end of their title ambitions.

If Chelsea win on Sunday at home to Hull City. Sorry, when Chelsea win at home to Hull City, they will go 10-points clear of Liverpool.

Two goals from Fernando Llorente gave Swansea a 2-0 lead just after the second-half resumed. Roberto Firmino then scored a brace and the score was level with 20-minutes to play.

But the Liverpool’s defence had a collective brain fart and Gylfi Sigurdsson slotted home with 16-minutes to go. Swansea held-on and moved out of the relegation zone.

In search of an equaliser, Klopp sent-on Joel Matip in stoppage-time. The 6’5 central defender went forward and Liverpool attempted to hit long passes towards him and pick-up the second ball.

Such direct tactics are common when a team is trying to salvage something from a game, and Klopp was arguably correct to instruct his team to play direct.

However, some found it ironic that, just a few days after appearing to criticise of Manchester United’s “long-balls”, the Liverpool manager was employing an identical tactic.

“It is so intense. They play long balls, it was a wild game. There was a lot of action in the last few minutes,” Klopp said following the 1-1 draw against United at Old Trafford last Sunday.

Those comments were always going to be mentioned after his team went direct in the final minutes of the Swansea game.

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