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28th Apr 2016

Lionel Messi’s dietician offers his advice for those who want to eat like the football God

Get the olive oil into you

Kevin McGillicuddy

Eat like a champion, play like a champion.

Oh, if only it was that simple.

If it was possible to simply follow his diet for Lionel Messi’s footballing gifts to translate to our feet, then we would all be looking to seek out his secrets.

We may have to give up our daily bag of crisps, washed down with a half-litre bottle of soda pop, but we’d be willing to make that sacrifice to be the best player in the world.

The Argentina ace is one of those freak athletes who you’d imagine would be the best in the world even on a diet of pizza and chips, considering his matchless talent.


However, reports in Spain today suggest that the secret to his success is very much based in getting the basics right when he sits down to any meal.

Giuliano Poser is a well-known dietician and he has been interviewed by Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo today where he has been spilling all kinds of secrets about Messi’s preparation for games.

The newspaper reports that Messi’s life revolves around two key rules.

  • He takes on board lots of water, good quality olive oil, whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables
  • He won’t eat anything that has been sprayed or contaminated by pesticides or herbicides

Poser also outlines the food groups that he advises Messi to stay away from and he hates sugar, describing it in scary terms for any sportsperson.

“It is the worst thing for the muscles.”

He is also very much against refined flours so, unfortunately for Leo, there’s no chance of sitting down to some nice sliced pan, and Poser and is also unhappy with South America’s obsession with red meat.

He feels Argentines and Uruguayans that adore red meat should really cut back.

“the amount of meat normally eaten by Argentineans and Uruguyans is too much.”

So, to recap; get that olive oil down you, stay away from the breadsticks and your daily Kitkat may have to go the way of the bin.

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