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02nd Mar 2023

Gunmen fire shots at Lionel Messi’s family’s business and leave chilling note

Callum Boyle

One of the two men was caught on CCTV

The family business belonging to Lionel Messi was attacked by two gunmen, who left a chilling note for the World Cup winner.

One of two men on a motorbike were caught on CCTV walking up to the building in Messi’s home city of Rosario and fired repeatedly at metal shutters over the windows and front door.

A note was also left at the scene which read: “Messi Javkin is not going to look after you.” Pablo Javkin is the current mayor of Rosario.

Local TV who reported on the attack claimed that the messages suggested that the criminals in question are looking to extort money from the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner.

Lionel Messi

Supermarket owned by wife of Lionel Messi

The supermarket – which is called Supermercado Unico – is owned by Messi’s wife, Antonela Roccuzzo which is reportedly managed by one of her cousins. As a result of the gun attack, the shop is expected to remain closed on Thursday.

Messi’s future at Paris Saint-Germain has been cast into doubt after talks about a possible return to Barcelona emerged once again.

However last month his brother said that any fairytale return was off the cards unless Barça president Joan Laporta leaves.

“Speaking on his son’s Twitch channel, Matias said: “I have a SPORT cutting that says ‘Messi should return to Barcelona’ and I’ve put underneath it ‘Hahaha’.

“”We are not going back to Barcelona, and if we do, we are going to have a good clearout, kicking-out, among others, Joan Laporta who is ungrateful after all that Messi did for Barcelona.”

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