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31st Oct 2023

Fans think Speed took it too far with crazy reaction to Messi winning Ballon d’Or

Callum Boyle

Lionel Messi

‘I hate everything about this’

Social media star iShowSpeed has angered fans who believe he took it too far with his reaction to Lionel Messi’s eighth Ballon d’Or victory.

Messi was presented with an eighth Ballon d’Or title as he beat Manchester City’s Erling Haaland and Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbappe to the coveted prize.

The Argentine was rewarded for his heroics on the big stage as he scored seven goals and registered three assists to deliver a first World Cup for his country since 1986.

Speed was many of the lucky stars to be in attendance in Paris and filmed himself throughout the event as he interacted with some of football’s biggest names.

As Messi’s name was announced by David Beckham, Speed turned the camera round to film himself and react.

He could be heard shouting: “What??” before adding “Messi, man. Ain’t no way, man. Not Ronaldo?”

Speed criticised for trying to steal big Lionel Messi moment

His reaction went viral on social media, with many criticising the way he behaved as Lionel Messi was making football history.

“I hate everything about this. We used to be a serious sport,” wrote one fan.

Another commented: “I’m 100 per cent missing something here!! There surely isn’t a human alive that’s found this funny!

“Embarrassing. Grow up,” said a third.

Meanwhile a fourth added: “Made it about him – horrible.”


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