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31st Oct 2017

Leaked World Cup kits show that Fifa have scrapped one of their worst rules

It's about time

Robert Redmond

Several World Cup kits have been leaked, and it looks like Fifa have relaxed one of their worst rules.

Ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, world football’s governing body decided to tackle the biggest issue facing the organisation – the colour of football kits. In the tournament rules, it stated that:

“Each team shall inform Fifa of two different and contrasting colours (i.e. strips). One predominately dark and one predominately light for its official and reserve kit.”

Fifa wanted teams to wear one colour, believing that if matches featured a team wearing a “light” kit versus one in a “dark” kit it would aid the referees.

It made little sense and led to teams ditching their traditional kit combinations for single-colour kits that just didn’t look right.

However, it appears Fifa have realised their rule was nonsensical, as a series of leaked kits appear to confirm a return to teams sporting their traditional shirt/shorts/socks combinations.

The kits of Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, Germany, Russia and Spain, all manufactured by adidas, have been leaked, and none of them are single-colour strips, apart from Belgium.

You can check out the kits here:







All images via Footy Headlines and Todo Sobre Camisetas.

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