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23rd Jan 2023

Kylian Mbappé recreates Emiliano Martínez’s crude World Cup celebration

Callum Boyle

It was Mbappé’s turn to have a laugh.

Kylian Mbappé was spotted appearing to recreate Emiliano Martínez’s famous, but crude, World Cup trophy celebration.

Martínez made headlines for his behaviour at the World Cup, especially after Argentina had won the trophy.

After winning the Golden Glove award, the Aston Villa ‘keeper posed by performing an inappropriate gesture with the trophy in-between his legs.

The 30-year-old later explained that his celebration was in response to the boos he received from French supporters at the final in Qatar.

Mbappé Martínez

Mbappé in particular has been the brunt of a lot of Martínez’s jokes. From asking his teammates to conduct a ‘moment of silence’ for the Paris Saint-Germain forward, as well as hold up a baby doll with his face printed onto it, the shot-stopper hasn’t held back.

He also seemingly brushed off the goalkeeper’s attempts to wind him up, saying he didn’t want to ‘waste time’ on Martinez’s s***housery.

“I’ll never digest it. But like I told my coach and teammates, there’s no reason that my club should pay for a defeat with my national team, it’s two different situations,” he said.”

“The message was simple – it was to show that, whatever goes on with the national team, PSG is a separate thing and I’m still determined to bring every trophy to the capital

But it seems now that Mbappé has drawn inspiration after being snapped performing the celebration at PSG’s training ground.

With what appeared to look like one of the Man of the Match awards he received while in Qatar, the 23-year-old can be seen performing a gesture identical to the one that Martínez did.

The video then ends with the talented forward joining up with the rest of his teammates after grabbing their attention.

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