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04th Aug 2023

Katie McCabe cracks Marcus Rashford joke at Ireland’s homecoming bash

Lee Costello

Katie McCabe

Poor Rashford.

Katie McCabe cracked a joke at Man United and Marcus Rashford’s expense at Ireland’s World Cup homecoming bash in O’Connell street.

The Ireland skipper was in good spirits, as thousands flooded to Dublin’s centre to welcome home the Irish team, and thank them for qualifying for the World Cup.

The tournament itself didn’t go to plan as they lost their opening game to Australia in a narrow defeat with only a penalty being the difference between the two sides.

Katie McCabe

McCabe’s goal against Canada saw them take the lead in their second match, but ultimately lost 2-1, before rounding off the competition with a goalless draw against Nigeria.

With no wins under their belt, they failed to qualify for the knockout rounds, but many understand that the progress made by this team was huge, and being the first Ireland side to qualify for the tournament was a monumental achievement.

During the homecoming, the host was interviewing McCabe, and was making the point that they have become heroes to many in the country, who now idolise them as oppose to male Premier League stars that aren’t Irish.

Katie McCabe

“People don’t want Marcus Rashford on their back anymore…”

“Nobody wants him on their back,” McCabe interrupts while turning to face her teammates.

“Only Diane (Caldwell) probably.”


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We’re sure that poor Rashford won’t take too much offence, but it’s easy to see why young Irish hopefuls want to have McCabe printed on their jerseys instead, she has been immense.

The Australian media bashed her for being too aggressive and physical with her tackling, but others like Laura Woods could appreciate her ferocity.

The Arsenal star has been playing at the highest level for her club for a long time, and we hope she, and the rest of this Irish team, will be around for a long time, so we can celebrate more homecomings.


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