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06th Sep 2023

Brendan Rodgers takes unpopular stance on Jordan Henderson’s controversial move to Saudi

Lee Costello

Jordan Henderson

“There’s so many morality officers around.”

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers has jumped to the defence of Jordan Henderson after the England star’s controversial move to the Saudi Arabia Super League.

Rodgers managed Henderson during his time at Liverpool, and although he originally wanted to sell him to Fulham, the young midfielder won his new coach over, and became a key part of his team.

It was under Rodgers that the former Sunderland player became Liverpool captain, replacing Steven Gerrard, and proving everyone wrong by leading the team to unprecedented success.

However, since his move to Saudi, and his controversial interview with The Athletic, Henderson has come under a lot criticism from those who believe that he has sold out.

The ex Reds’ skipper had been at the heart of many campaigns in the past promoting the LBGTQ+ community, but moving to a country where homosexuality is a crime, has resulted in the Englishman being labelled as a hypocrite.

However, his former gaffer has jumped to his defence, and believes that Henderson was only doing what was right for him.

“It’s their profession, it’s their life so they have to do what’s best for them,” the Celtic boss exclusively told talkSPORT.

“There’s so many morality officers around the world nowadays that are judging people.

“But Jordan I know extremely well and I know the love he had for Liverpool. He was at the stage of his career where he probably wasn’t going to be the first name on the team sheet anymore. At 32-years of age, he’s won absolutely everything.

“He probably fancied a different challenge and out of respect, it probably didn’t feel right for him being at another Premier League club. So to go abroad and take on a new challenge clearly suited him.”

“It’s definitely something that makes players wobble because of the money that’s talked about and what it can do for players and the legacy it can create for their families for years down the line,” he added.

“What makes [Saudi Arabia] dangerous is not only the money, they have a plan. The plan is attracting top players and looking to get top managers out there.”

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