Joey Barton comes up with hilarious analogy for Manchester United's transfer policy 11 months ago

Joey Barton comes up with hilarious analogy for Manchester United's transfer policy

Joey Barton has come up with a very unique analogy for Manchester United's recent transfer policy.

The outspoken pundit clearly doesn't rate either manager, Jose Mourinho or executive vice-chairman, Ed Woodward as he has compared the Red Devils' recent dealings in the transfer market to the the spending spree of Michael Carroll, the former binman who won the UK national lottery in 2002.

Nicknamed "The Lotto Lout", Carroll wasted no time in spending the £9,736,131 he won at the age of 19 and he embraced the persona cultivated by the British media by getting the phrase "King of the Chavs" printed on the side of a Mercedes van which he bought with his winnings.

Former Burnley, QPR and Ranger midfielder Barton sees a similarity between Carroll's spending and that of United, anticipating that it will "end up in tears" for the club if they continue in the current vein.

"Ed Woodward is a space cadet," Barton said on talkSPORT.

"The fact he has got himself involved in a Dutch auction and given Alexis Sanchez the money he has given, I think they pay over the top all the time for players.

"When David Gill and that regime was there, the attraction of playing for Man United was the big thing, whereas now they are just outspending.

"They are like Michael Carroll and the Lotto louts, outspending everybody.

"If they don't sort it out quickly it is going to end up in tears for them because they are they are so far behind the team on the opposite side of the city."

United suffered a shock 1-0 defeat to Newcastle on Sunday afternoon, a result which put them 16 points behind runaway leaders Manchester City.

Mourinho was humble in defeat, congratulating long-time foe Rafael Benitez on the outcome of the game at St. James' Park but the lack of intensity from the visitors concerned several fans, as well as club legend Gary Neville, who repeatedly recommended more pressure from his former side in commentary.

With the Premier League all but wrapped up and headed for the blue side of Manchester, Barton reckons that United should reconsider Mourinho's position.

"I don’t think he (Mourinho) is the fit for them," Barton said.

"Every time there is a negative performance, a negative result, the fans (say) 'this isn’t the United way, we don’t play like this, he is not our kind of manager'.

"I don’t think he has done anything to endear himself to the Man United faithful. I don’t think he is a perfect fit."