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17th Nov 2022

‘I was drinking before bed’ – Jesse Lingard explains how he struggled with his mental health

Lee Costello

Lingard mental health

“I did not want to be there anyway.”

Jesse Lingard has opened up on his struggles with mental health and admits that during his darkest period, that he would often to turn to alcohol.

The former Manchester United striker started his career at Old Trafford with a bang, and looked to have the potential to become a legend of the club.

For different reasons, including a rotation of managers, he would be in and out of the team, and ultimately never really find the level that he could have.

Lingard mental health

Speaking to talkSPORT ahead of the release of a documentary called ‘The Jesse Lingard Story: UNTOLD’, the Nottingham Forest star says he turned to alcohol to try and ease the pain.

“Opening up is the best thing you can do, I was a person to bottle things up, it clearly did not work, you can’t fight your own battles, you need people to help you.