Jamie Vardy misses chance, proceeds to head-butt the ground 5 years ago

Jamie Vardy misses chance, proceeds to head-butt the ground

For those of you that nodded off, England won 2-0 in their World Cup qualifier against Lithuania.

Jermain Defoe, returning to the England squad for the first time in four years, bagged the first after 21 minutes at Wembley.


It remained this way until 66 minutes, when Jamie Vardy - on from the bench - added what proved to be the final goal of the game.

But never mind all that. You're not here because you wanted a match report, are you? No. You're here because you want to see Vardy head-butt the Wembley turf.

Frustrated at missingย a chance to add a third England goal, Vardy opted to take out his anger on the ground, much to the amusement of many of those watching...


The Leicester man was sporting a shiner during the game but it wasn't from being attacked by the floor.

"It was a little accident," he said about the black eye after the game.

"My head, or should I say my eye, decided to connect with a football. That's football."


Very deep. But it wasn't his eye that everyone was talking about. It was his head-banging antics.



Of course, some of you will recall that this isn't the first time Vardy had risked injury to his head when taking out his annoyance at not scoring.

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