"The club's a joke right now" - Jamie Carragher on what has gone wrong for Everton 6 months ago

"The club's a joke right now" - Jamie Carragher on what has gone wrong for Everton

"The decisions being made by Moshiri are really poor - he hasn't got a clue what he's doing."

Jamie Carragher has criticised Everton majority shareholder Farhad Moshiri and said that the club's troubles stem from his poor leadership.


The Toffees are enduring a difficult season. In their last match at Goodison Park, Rafa Benitez's team lost 4-1, and they went into Monday's match against Arsenal in 14th place in the Premier League.

Everton fans are planning a protest in the 27th minute of the game, and the club's director of football Marcel Brands has left the club.

Carragher, speaking ahead of the match on Merseyside, said that Everton, who have not won a match since September, are a "joke right now."


Carragher on Everton.

The former Liverpool defender said that Moshiri is largely responsible for Everton's underperformance. Since Moshiri became the club's majority shareholder in 2016, they have spent half a billion in the transfer market.

Yet, the Toffees have very little to show for their large outlay. The club are planning to build a new stadium, but are currently closer to a relegation fight than challenging for trophies.

Carragher said Moshiri doesn't have enough football expertise, and, as a result, he has overseen a scattergun approach.


"The club's a joke right now," Carragher said on Monday Night Football.

"If I go back to the David Moyes era, Everton had something about them. Yes, they didn't win a trophy, it's easy to laugh at them. But there was a spirit about them and a fight. They stood for something.

"It's not long after that Moshiri came in. All of a sudden, because they couldn't break that ceiling, you look how many managers he's had and how much has been spent, he's had eight including interim ones, and he's now onto his third director of football."


"The money spent is mind-boggling, and they're actually getting worse. In that time under Moshiri, they've signed 58 players."

Carragher: Moshiri has no football expertise.

Carragher also suggested that the Everton board are not on the same page and that this has resulted in a lack of direction for the club.

"On the board at Everton, you've got Bill Kenwright and Denise Barrett-Baxendale, staunch fans of the club. There's no way either of them wanted Rafa Benitez anywhere near the club.


"But the problem they have, not being in sole control, they're so terrified in going against Moshiri, because he's the guy with the money, who's going to make the stadium happen. Without him, it probably doesn't happen.

"That's the big problem. He doesn't have a clue what he's doing. hence eight managers, players getting signed left, right and centre. Yes, he's got the money, but he's got no footballing expertise at all."