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15th Mar 2022

Jamie Carragher apologises for ’emotional’ Chelsea comments

Callum Boyle

Jamie Carragher

Carragher had labelled the Chelsea supporters as ‘hypocritical’

Jamie Carragher has apologised to Chelsea supporters after he claimed they were “hypocritical” following his comments that Manchester United should make an approach for Thomas Tuchel.

The former Liverpool defender was speaking on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football where he defended comments he made by suggesting that Chelsea had been adopting a similar approach for the last 20 years.

Following the news that Roman Abramovich had been sanctioned by the UK government and removed as a director of the Premier League, the future of Chelsea now remains up in the air, with some reports suggesting that unless new funds are found within the next fortnight, the club’s very existence could be at threat.

“It’s fair to say I had a few heated discussions at Stamford Bridge yesterday [Sunday] and the Chelsea supporters, the same as any set of supporters, are very passionate about their club, and at this moment, feel like the world is attacking them, and they’re defending their club,” Carragher said.

“I wouldn’t change my opinion on it, and the reason why I think its a little bit hypocritical of Chelsea supporters is because, if teams, whether that’s Manchester United thinking they can get their manager, or people thinking they can get Chelsea players, they’re going to take advantage of the situation, Chelsea have been doing that for 20 years.

Thomas Tuchel

‘A little emotional,’ Jamie Carragher admits

“That was the big thing of Roman Abramovich coming,” Jamie Carragher continued, before he mimicked a generalised Chelsea supporter.

“‘We can throw our money about and we can get who we want’.

‘We’re going to go to Manchester United, they’re a money making machine and we want to become that, we’ll go and get their CEO Peter Kenyon, we’ll go to Liverpool and get the best midfielder in Europe [Steven Gerrard] and destabilise that club for two summers’. Didn’t get him. ‘We’ll get Ashley Cole, invincible, won everything at Arsenal, yeah, we’ll go and get him.’

‘We’ll get caught tapping-up, doesn’t matter, we’ll pay the fine.’

“England flying at the time with Sven-Göran Eriksson, ‘England manager? No, we want him as Chelsea manager, don’t worry what he’s doing with England, we’ll have him and we’ll pay the fine don’t worry’.”

However Carragher was criticised by sections of the Chelsea fans on social media for his comments, with one user tweeting: “Don’t disagree with your points about Kenyon, Gerrard, Cole, but, respectfully, the Academy part was wrong,” before posting a threat of academy-related achievements.

The former Liverpool man then responded by admitting that he had let emotions get the better of him. He said: “Apologies I got a little emotional!”

On Monday it was reported that a Saudi consortium had made a £2.7bn offer to buy the Blues from Abramovich, however several parties remain interested as the deadline for bids quickly approaches.

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