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01st May 2019

James McClean receives disgusting, hate-filled, anti-Irish birthday card

This is absolutely vile

Darragh Murphy

James McClean knows he’s divisive but nobody deserves the kind of hate that the Irish winger gets on a regular basis.

McClean’s refusal to wear a poppy every November continues to result in disgusting abuse from the terraces while on club duty and the Stoke City player has now revealed a revolting example of what he has to put up with off the pitch.

A week after his 30th birthday, McClean posted a photograph of a card he received on social media which contained a death threat, anti-Irish sentiment and a celebration of Bloody Sunday.

The card was apparently delivered to Stoke’s training ground and contained some truly vile comments about McClean, who was branded a “fenian, subhuman bastard.”

The card went on to mock Bobby Sands as “Slimmer of the Year 1981” and celebrated ambushes on Irish republicans by keeping score of casualties.

“What this country needs is somebody called Hitler. He would have sorted the IRA in a month,” the card continues.

“You are a two faced hypocritical bastard.

“You don’t like this country and we don’t like you. It’s about time these gutless English managers stood up to you and tell you to get back to shithouse called Derry. So you are fucking Irish international, any body can play for fucking Ireland. They give caps out in cornflake packets and you have to drink that muck called Guinness that qualifies you.

“They should have put the Waffen SS in Ireland. They would have used scorched earth tactics not like British politicians licking IRA arses.

“The fucking Irish will do anything for poxy Ireland, except live in that shithole.

“The Irish are a race of inbred, subhuman parasites breed like maggots.

“Bloody Sunday – Bloody good laugh.

“13 nil to us. Ha ha ha ha.

“Should have been 13,000 of you sub human bastards.”

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