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04th Aug 2016

James McClean gets fighting fit for new season as he goes through pad work with Matthew Macklin

Throwing hands

Darragh Murphy

James McClean has been adding some technique to his tenacity.

The West Brom winger is renowned for his intensity on the pitch and he is never one to shy away from a challenge.

McClean’s doggedness can sometimes wind opponents up as he doesn’t know the meaning of a half-hearted tackle but it’s been over a month now since he’s been able to nip at the heels of an opposition player.

In the pre-season, it looks as though the Republic of Ireland international is getting some of his aggression out as it’s emerged that he’s been getting some boxing work in with Matthew Macklin in Birmingham.

‘The Tipperary Tornado’ posted a picture to Instagram of a workout with McClean on Thursday as he put the Derry man through his paces on the mitts.

As if opponents needed another reason not to mess with McClean, now he’s working his hands with a former world middleweight challenger.

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