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13th Jul 2016

James Corden takes some real abuse for wading into the England manager debate

He knows who he wants in charge

Simon Lloyd

James, James, James.

Why did you feel the need to get involved in this one, eh?

There you are, spending your days driving around a sun-drenched Los Angeles, belting out songs at the top of our lungs with your showbiz pals… you’ve made it, pal. Who gets the England job next shouldn’t be something that even enters your mind.

But on Tuesday evening (our time), you showed the world that it *had* entered your mind, didn’t you? Not only that, you went and shared your opinion on who should be Roy Hodgson’s predecessor…

Yep. James Corden has spoken, and he he thinks that Sam Allardyce should be given the nod by the FA. He’s not alone in tipping the Sunderland boss for the job – and if the reports which broke on Tuesday night are anything to go by, Corden’s choice may well be the same as the three-man panel tasked with hiring the new Three Lions manager.

As you might expect, a celebrity daring to have an opinion on who should be given the job prompted plenty of ‘you don’t know anything’- type responses…

Seriously James, it’s really not worth getting involved in this one.


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