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25th Mar 2015

Is Cristiano Ronaldo about to be punished for telling Barca fans to “Calm down”

He didn't exactly go full Adebayor on it, did he?

Neil Treacy

When watching El Clasico on Sunday night, I remember remarking at the time how Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration after his first half equaliser had been pretty understated.

After finishing to make it 1-1, Ronaldo had waved his arms up and down, and urged the people around him to calm down, but it appears that this has ticked off one or two powers that be in Spain.

La Liga President Javier Tebas has said they will look into taking disciplinary action against the Real star, for the “provocative” gesture of telling people to calm down.

Yeah, doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Reuters quotes the president as saying: “We have to be careful with provocative gestures by a player when he scores a goal or with any other provocation or conduct that could incite violence among spectators.

“It must be sanctioned, from a fine up to a suspension. We will look into it.”

World’s gone mad…

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