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21st Aug 2018

Can you name Ireland’s starting XI when they beat the world champions in 2015?

Remembering the good times

Ben Kiely


The day the Republic of Ireland beat the world champions.

On 8 October 2015, the Republic of Ireland senior football team scored one of the most memorable victories in their history.

The Boys In Green defeated Germany 1-0 in the Aviva Stadium for a Group D European Championship 2016 qualifier. Germany, of course, had won the World Cup the previous year.

We’re asking you to name the starting XI that lined up for the Republic of Ireland in that game. Surnames will be accepted as full answers. You will have a full three minutes to complete the quiz.

Best of luck and let us know how you get on. Don’t be the assclown that ruins it on everyone or Thierry Henry will, well, you know. Basketball style.

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