Italia '90 revisited: 29 stages of masterminding a historic draw with Holland 8 years ago

Italia '90 revisited: 29 stages of masterminding a historic draw with Holland

If things go our way elsewhere, all we need is a draw? We're listening.


25 years since Ireland and the Netherlands locked horns for a place in the World Cup second round.

Here are the 29 stages of one of the biggest ever nights in Irish football.

1. The buzz is building



2. Someone is missing though

After his pen-throwing strop post Egypt, Eamon Dunphy isn't with the RTÉ panel for this one having flown out to Italy. However, he was denied an interview with Irish manager, Jack Charlton, so Bill O'Herlihy is at hand to calm the storm. Again.

3. Someone else is missing




4. The Irish fans are belting out the anthem long after the Italian band's shortened version has finished

But not everyone has goosebumps.



5. This is where the term going to the wire comes from

Ireland are rooting for an England or Egypt win - as long as it's a win - because we're of course going for the draw ourselves.


6. John Aldridge fires in a thunderbolt at van Breukelen early on


It's all Ireland.

7. But Ruud Gullit quickly kills the joy

The Irish are torn apart.

8. And everyone wants a piece

ED1 best tweet9. Ireland should have a penalty and then they should have a goal

The world is against them.  

10. Some people sympathise


11. Others don't


12. Kevin Sheedy winds up that left foot again...

13. Johnny Giles is drawing all over our TV screens and no-one knows what's happening

Especially Billy Hamilton.

14. The people miss The Dunphy HAMtweet1-vert15. A big chance passes both strikers by in the second period

But Quinn's fall-on-your-arse trick is under most scrutiny.

16. The tactics aren't working

According to some. KEANE

17. Until...

18. Was it the greatest goal of all time?

STATS1 tim OptaSean

19. England are 1-0 up in Egypt, a draw will see the Irish through


20. There's an unspoken agreement playing out

1-1 suits both the Netherlands and the Irish perfectly and the finest piece of injury time in football history unfolds in Palermo.

welsh paddy

21. It's over

Full time kev g

22. But we were lucky...


23. Except it wasn't luck

Big Jack masterminded the draw and he doesn't even care if they have to face West Germany now.

24. Bill O'Herlihy sums up the feelings of a nation


25. Now no-one cares about Dunphy's ramblings

BROLLY 26. Ireland's group standing will be decided by drawing lots

Second place plays Romania, third place faces West Germany. Attention turns to Rome.


27. Johnny Giles sums up the draw in the most Johnny Giles way possible

28. Goalscorer Niall Quinn calls the Irish fans the best in the world

Not before a classic 90s television gaffe.

29. Romania on Monday. Let's 'give it a lash'