English 'Farmer's League', David Silva's genius and 'misunderstood' Jason Tindall 4 months ago

English 'Farmer's League', David Silva's genius and 'misunderstood' Jason Tindall

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Sheridan and Delaney joined us this week.


Damien Delaney and Cillian Sheridan were guests on House of Football this week, and the former Republic of Ireland internationals spoke about a range of topics, including:

  • Nottingham Forest staying in the Premier League, and the excellent performance of Steve Cooper, the team's manager.
  • Cillian on playing around the world and the importance of having a good agent.
  • Facing Neymar, and how he would fare in the Premier League after being linked to Manchester United.
  • Man City's dominance, and Damien's on how Manchester City have evolved since he faced them in the Premier League.
  • Damien on the brilliance of David Silva, the club's former midfielder.
  • Newcastle United's assistant manager Jason Tindall, and what he's like behind the scenes.
  • The Republic of Ireland's women's team are set to play their first match at the Aviva Stadium later this year. The importance of the game, and the effect it will have on the sport in Ireland.
  • And Cillian views on Gaelic Football and the blanket defence.

You can listen to the show below.


Or you can watch the full episode here.