Graeme Souness has left Sky Sports after 15 years 7 months ago

Graeme Souness has left Sky Sports after 15 years

"I think I owe 100 apologies to people, but we haven’t got time for that."

Graeme Souness has left Sky Sports after 15 years with the broadcasters.


Souness and Sky made the announcement after Liverpool's 4-3 victory over Tottenham Hotspur at Anfield on Sunday.

The former Liverpool manager, who turns 70 on May 6, has been one of the most high-profile pundits covering the Premier League, and a stable of Sky Sports' coverage over the last 15 years.

Sky Sports played a montage of Souness' most memorable moments before returning to the Scot in the studio.

Presenter Kelly Cates, and pundits Robbie Keane and Jamie Redknapp were also in the studio and paid tribute to Souness.


Souness looked emotional as he spoke about his time with the broadcasters

“I’m going to miss you guys," he said. "The guys behind the scenes, our make-up girl, I’ll miss you all.

"You know, for me, I decided that football management wasn’t for me any more. I had the wrong temperament for it, the wrong personality.


"And then I was given the opportunity to do this and it’s been magnificent. It’s just been the most fantastic time for me, because I love football, I care about football and I worry about it going forward."

"But for me personally, I’ve got the buzz of live football coming to some fantastic games and some fantastic stadiums and some great events.

"I think I owe 100 apologies, but we haven’t got time for that. I may have said some harsh things but I think people want to see us not always agree.

"But it's been great guys... Nothing goes on forever."


Souness became a full-time pundit after his spell as manager of Newcastle United came to an end. The Scot previously managed Blackburn Rovers, Benfica, Torino, Southampton, Galatasaray and Rangers.

Souness wrote in his Daily Mail column that he is "still very much open for business' and his "passion for football is undimmed and I certainly still feel I have a lot to offer."

You can watch the full version of Souness' final appearance on Sky Sports below.



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