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04th Aug 2021

Gary Neville issues warning to Harry Kane over missing Spurs stance

Charlie Herbert

Harry Kane

He said that the situation could get “a bit messy.”

Gary Neville has given his views on the Harry Kane drama that has been unfolding at Tottenham over recent days.

The Manchester United legend and pundit described Kane as the most “professional football player that I’ve ever seen,” but criticised the striker for not turning up to training this week and warned him about the danger of taking on Spurs owner Daniel Levy.

Talking about the situation, Neville told Sky Sports: “If he was meant to come back on Monday then he should have come back.

“You can never advocate any player not turning up for training, you’ve got to turn up and do your job.

“I’ve worked with Harry Kane, and I can’t think of a more professional football player that I’ve ever seen. He does everything right, so he must be seriously annoyed. Something has happened badly that’s made him do that.

“It still doesn’t excuse it, you still go in and respect your teammates. You still have to go and stand with them and sit in the dressing-room, but it’s clear now that there’s a collision course.”

Neville continued: “He’s taking Daniel Levy on. Not many do it, not many come out the other side.

“Hopefully they can reach a compromise, because if they can’t then it’s going to be a bit messy for a couple of weeks. Harry wants to leave, there’s no doubt about that.”

The drama started on Monday when Kane did not turn up for training, with the striker then also being absent the following day as well.

However it seems like Kane is now backtracking on his hardline stance, with reports on Tuesday suggesting that he would be appearing at the Spurs training ground later on in the week.

For months now it has seemed that he wants to leave the club, with Manchester City the front runners for his signing.

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