Gary Neville goes full Rafa Benitez in 'best ever PL full back' debate on Twitter 7 months ago

Gary Neville goes full Rafa Benitez in 'best ever PL full back' debate on Twitter


Gary Neville went full Rafa Benitez on Twitter when debating who the best every full back was in Premier League history, and no he didn't pick himself.


It was a Manchester United player, as Denis Irwin got the nod from Neville, who wants interested in arguing about it or stating it as an opinion, but simply stating that it was a 'fact.'

Of course other names were thrown into the mix by the Twitter faithful, Ashley Cole, Andy Robertson, Patric Era, and even Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Gary Neville

Even the Sky pundits own name was thrown into the debate, and it's a fair point given that he had captained the club and won an incredible eight Premier League titles.


However, the crown, according to Neville at least, goes to an Irishman and former Old Trafford hero.

A United fan page tweeted Neville saying: "Denis Irwin is criminally underrated, best full back since the premier league began Gary or are we seeing this through red tinted glasses? I don’t think we are though."


The ex-United skipper was in full agreement and was quick to reply on social media.

"Agree! Denis is the best full back in PL history! Fact"

Gary Neville

Neville normally likes to go into more detail when it comes to arguing the nuances of football, but there was no changing his mind on this one, and therefor there was no debate to be had in his eyes.

Irwin made just shy of 300 appearances for United in the Premier League alone and was often good for a goal, despite being in an era where full backs didn't bomb forward as often.


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