Gary Lineker suggests a few radical rule changes to football 4 years ago

Gary Lineker suggests a few radical rule changes to football

Gary Lineker is most certainly a progressive thinker.

Lineker has proposed several radical rule changes to football and many fans will agree with his suggestions to make the game more entertaining.


The former Leicester and England striker would like to see the rules around throw-ins and free-kicks changed, with his main concern seemingly being the delay it takes over set pieces.

"There’s a couple of little things I would like to change," Lineker told the Behind Closed Doors podcast.

"Free-kicks - you should be able to take them immediately - even to yourself.


"I would get rid of throw-ins and just have a kick-in. It’s called football. What’s the point of throw-ins? It takes ages. Just put it down and knock it in."

The Match of the Day host has echoed the beliefs of many supporters with his opinion that extra time should no longer take place, revealing that he would "play 90 minutes, [then] penalties. Extra time is pointless - no one can run!"

And being such a prolific goalscorer, Lineker clearly wants to see more goals judging by his desire to punish every single handball with a penalty or free-kick, regardless of intention or range.

"If it hits your hand anywhere, give it," Lineker said. "Either that or don’t give it at all. If it hits it there’s no argument."