Gareth Bale and Seamus Coleman carried themselves very differently in Cardiff 2 years ago

Gareth Bale and Seamus Coleman carried themselves very differently in Cardiff

Both men will be on the pitch in Cardiff as the Uefa Nations League EXPLODES into LIFE!

Seamus Coleman and Gareth Bale's respective influences are undeniable.

It really says a lot about Seamus Coleman and Gareth Bale that they were both big talking points in a game they didn't actually feature in. Even if they played no part in last October's World Cup Qualifier in Cardiff, their presence was palpable.

The talismen missed out on the crunch game through injury, but both showed up for the encounter to provide support for their compatriots.

Bale helplessly watched on from the stands as his team fell 1-0 to a spirited Republic of Ireland team. He appeared nervous before kick-off, but quickly settled as Wales really took the game to the visitors.

Gareth Bale

As much momentum as Wales had in the opening moments, they just couldn't find the net. This clearly frustrated the injured Welsh star.

He was gritting his teeth as Hal Robson-Kanu was brilliantly denied by Darren "You Shall Not Pass" Randolph. His forceful header early on was stopped by an almighty acrobatic leap from the Irish goalkeeper.

Gareth Bale


The good times didn't last too long for the Real Madrid star.

Once James McClean kept his composure to smash the ball home after that phenomenal assist Jeff Hendrick, his heart sank.

He was briefly jolted back to life when Jonathan Williams poorly-executed header in the closing moments went straight into McClean's back.

This proved to be the last time the Dragons really threatened the Irish net.

One couldn't fault Bale's passion. He lived every moment of that game, the good and the bad. He grunted his way through every wayward pass and missed opportunity and felt the crushing blow of conceding the decisive goal.

It was his attire and where his ass was planted that had a lot of people talking though. His blazer and seat in the stands directly contrasted with Coleman sitting in the dugout proudly donning his Ireland gear.


After the final whistle sounded, Coleman immediately took to the pitch to congratulate his teammates. He embraced the goalscoring hero McClean for putting in a superb shift in the Irish shirt.

Seamus Coleman

There was also a lovely moment between Coleman and stand-in captain David Meyler at the end of the game. The Cork native claimed the Man of the Match accolade for his performance against the Welsh.

Seamus Coleman

Ireland are delighted to have their captain back and leading them on the pitch but, back in Cardiff 11 months ago, he did all he could from the sidelines.

*Updated from an article first posted on October 10th 2017