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25th Feb 2018

Even the fourth official took the Mickey out of Arsene Wenger during Carabao Cup final

Why would Wenger admit this?

Ben Kiely

Arsene Wenger

Poor Arsene Wenger was taking digs from all angles on Sunday.

Arsene Wenger knows the drill by now. Whenever Arsenal lose, the brunt of the blame will be put squarely on his shoulders. Sunday’s 3-0 thumping at the hands of Manchester City in the Carabao Cup Final was no different.

It could have been a valuable trophy for the Gunners. Instead, it’s the beginning of a potential treble for the Citizens. They’ll be hoping the Premier League and Champions League accolades follow suit.

During the game, Wenger had to deal with the infamous ‘is there a fire drill? scene of the mass exodus of Arsenal fans trying to beat the traffic home.

Although he didn’t have to endure it, the Frenchman will undoubtedly hear all about the choice words Gary Neville had for his club. ‘Disgraceful,’ ‘spineless’ and ’embarrassing’ were just some of the negative remarks the pundit used to describe Sunday’s big losers.

Remarkably, Wenger also had to put up with the officials taking shots at him. During the post-match press conference, he told media that the fourth official trolled him during the final few minutes.

“It’s difficult to come back if the referee doesn’t give the injury time. When I said ‘why don’t you give more time?’ he told me ‘why do you want more time?’. I told him ‘it’s not down to you to judge how much time’.”

Presumably, it was an unintentional zinger. However, the question remains, why on Earth would Wenger elect to share this gas interaction with the world?

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