FootballJOE’s Badge Quiz – The International Edition 2 years ago

FootballJOE’s Badge Quiz – The International Edition

The FootballJOE Badge Quiz is going international

Welcome, friends.


By now, there's a good chance you're familiar with how the FootballJOE Badge Quiz works. We give you a few club badges, stripped of all letters and numbers, you correctly identify which team they belong to from the options below. Simple stuff.

This - a special international edition - is no different, only it's much, much bigger than our usual weekly versions, and comprises of national sides, not clubs.

As ever, we lull you into a false sense of security with some ridiculously easy ones at the start - seriously, there's no excuse for not getting the first 10 right - before chucking in some absolutely horrible ones towards the end.

See how you get on. At the very least, it'll eat up a few precious seconds of the international break.


Let's begin...

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