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07th Apr 2022

Football matches lasting 60 minutes set to be trialled

Callum Boyle

Trials could take place as soon as next month

Trials which will see football matches last just 60 minutes are set to take place in the next month, pending approval from the International Football Association Board.

As reported by iNewsthe Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) want to test the proposal in their Under-23 Revolution Cup.

It would see the game played in two halves of 30 minutes, however the clock would be stopped each time the ball went out of play or was not in action for a reason such as an injury.

The idea has been put forward in the hope that it will prevent teams from time wasting as well as encouraging teams to play more attractive football and improve the overall matchday experience.

Any hopes for the trial to go ahead must be ratified by the IFAB

football matches trialed

However any hopes for it to be considered as an official trial would have to be ratified by the IFAB who determine, and control, the laws of the game.

One source from inside the IAFB told iNews that a formal discussion about the proposal had yet to take place, nor gained official approval.

Should the trial be given the go ahead, it is expected that the FPF will commission a university to allow them to study the data found and produce a report on the findings, speaking to managers, players, officials and supporters to obtain feedback.

The idea aligns with the new wave of modern football fans, who are finding their love for football in real life thanks to playing video games such as FIFA.

Younger supporters are used to quick, fast-paced action

Head of marketing and fan experience at Manchester City, Nuria Tarre, said in February that City were witnessing an increasing number of younger supporters attending games at the Etihad Stadium as a result of playing FIFA first.

Games on FIFA usually last around six minutes per half with quick, fast-paced action and has become hugely popular on streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, with real-life football now looking to adapt to reach to a wider audience.

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