Fifa 19 will feature a "house rules" mode involving forfeits for conceding goals 4 years ago

Fifa 19 will feature a "house rules" mode involving forfeits for conceding goals

Throwing it back to the days of Fifa Street.

Excitement is brewing for the season ahead. And you know what a new season means? A new Fifa game. New everything. New kits, new squads, new gameplay, and new game modes. Some eagle-eyed fans have spotted a new feature on Fifa 19 that should excite a lot of gamers and fill them with a warm feeling of nostalgia: the new 'house rules' mode.


It's not exactly clear what this mode allows players to do, but YouTuber DTT seems to think it'll be a game mode that sees each team lose a player after every goal they concede.

The mode first featured on the Fifa Street games, but has not been on any of the Fifa games. With EA under pressure to bring back the Fifa Street franchise, this could be a compromise.


If EA are looking to persuade ex-Fifa players who have become disinterested with the games to return to playing the game, they would be silly not to also add a feature that allows players to modify the referee's strictness as they did on Fifa Road to the World Cup in 1998.

On top of this, there will be tweaks made to career mode. In an interview with USGamerFIFA 19 creative director Matthew Prior spoke about what gamers can expect in the next instalment of the franchise.

"There’s a big update in the sense that the Champions League is in there," said Prior.


"This time, career mode is the most authentic its ever been," he added.

Previous games have been criticised for the lack of simplicity in career mode, one of the most popular features on the game after Ultimate Team, with the scouting process taking most of the brunt.

But the signs are positive for Fifa 19, especially if career mode lives up to the hype.