FIFA 17 is set for a "major leap forward" 6 years ago

FIFA 17 is set for a "major leap forward"

Football season 2015/16 is all but over, meaning FIFA enthusiasts the world over can soon look forward to the release of FIFA 17.

As is often the case at this time of year, plenty are speculating about the changes that the game's makers, EA, have in store for the new game.


There will almost certainly be significant tweaks to Leicester City's player ratings, and we're also expecting some new additions to the FIFA legends... all though maybe not many of these. Marcus Rashford will be there again, only rated much, much higher:

With internet forums filling up with rumoured alterations, EA CEO Andrew Wilson has teased the game's avid fans by promising a "major leap forward in personalisation, immersion and competition".


Wilson explained that the changes will also be seen in the company's other two major titles: Madden NFL 17 and NHL 17.

Although he stopped short of naming the exact launch date of the new FIFA title, he added that all three titles will arrive somewhere between July and September. Last year, the first details of FIFA 16 were released in late May, which would suggest news on FIFA 17 is just around the corner.

It's also expected that the new game will be shown at EA's EA Play event which takes place in June of next month.

Fortunately, we have Euro 2016 to keep out minds occupied this summer.


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