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10th Jun 2016

Euro 2016’s opening ceremony featuring David Guetta wasn’t received very well

Ben Kiely

Opening ceremonies are usually one of the lower points of major tournaments, but pretty much everyone’s in agreement that Euro 2016’s was particularly poor.

Any non-football fans channel surfing just before eight must have thought they had stumbled upon some sort of nightmarish, post-apocalyptic, LSD-infused school disco when they arrived at the coverage of the Euro 2016 opening ceremony.

David Guetta, who wrote and performed the tournament’s official theme, provided the musical entertainment (not sure that’s the right word) in the Stade de France by playing choonz that you would normally hear blaring out of the boot of a Honda Civic in an Aldi carpark in the heart of Irish suburbia at 4 am on a Saturday morning.

To add to the surreal nature of the performance, there were also dancers dressed up as giant flowers and other more terrifying creatures who used what little restricted movement they had left in their uncomfortable-looking costumes to throw shapes to slightly outdated smash hits such as “Titanium”.

Unsurprisingly, the good people of Twitter were not too impressed with the ceremony, with some of the French even going as far to apologise for the existence of the internationally renowned DJ.

It’s not your fault, Philippe

The Specials would have been an improvement

You’re a wizard, David

You can’t deny that he’s not good at turning knobs, in fairness.


Not sure this would have been rated PG, though


This hero perfectly sums it up

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