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30th May 2016

Euro 2016 may be disrupted as Air France plans to strike in June

"Lengthy" strikes are on the cards

Carl Anka

Say what you will about the French, but they take workers’ rights seriously.

There’s a 35-hour limit per week, you rarely have to work a weekend, and you’re mostly likely offered 30 days a year in holiday. There’s even talk of making it illegal for your boss to email you outside of working hours.

And if you mess with these rights, you best believe there will be a strike about it.

It’s all rather admirable when you think about it. Only we hope the latest strike in France doesn’t mess with football fans’ plans for Euro 2016.

euro 2016

Air France pilots have announced they plan to strike for multiple days during June, football tournament be damned.

SNPL, the the main pilots’ union, informed AFP News of its decision to strike on May 30. SNPL chief Philippe Evain said while a date for strike action has yet to be confirmed, Air France pilots approved the principle of a lengthy strike in June.

The news casts another shadow over travel options for Euro 2016. France is currently going through a wave of public transport protests as many French workers look to protest government plans for labour law reforms.

As the BBC has reported, the French government is looking to deregulate some of the rules around the 35 hour working week, trying to give companies power to ask staff to work 45 or even 60 hours in “exceptional circumstances”. Some workers may also be allowed to be asked to work weekends if the rules come to pass.

Here’s hoping a peaceful resolution between strikers and government can be achieved. Especially before people look to fly out to France to enjoy what is sure to be a wonderful summer of football.


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