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08th Jan 2017

Emre Can finds out the weird way that League Two defenders do things a little differently

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Darragh Murphy

When Plymouth Argyle manager Derek Adams told his defenders to get inside the heads of Liverpool players during set pieces, Sonny Bradley took it literally.

The League Two outfit secured a draw at Anfield against a Premier League side which was heavily rotated but still contained a few recognisable faces.

Lucas started. So too did Divock Origi. And Emre Can also featured for an hour.

But the German international found out, in no uncertain terms, that lower league defenders go about their jobs a tad differently than the centre-halves with whom he’s more accustomed.

Towards the end of the first half of the FA Cup Third Round tie, he became very familiar with Plymouth’s Bradley, who had a novel way of distracting Can.

Bradley made the unusual decision to stick his left index finger into Can’s ear, without even the common courtesy of lubricating it and making it a full-on ‘wet willy’.

The tactic clearly worked as Can was kept quiet, and very confused. And we weren’t the only ones who noticed.

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