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20th May 2015

Emmanuel Adebayor reveals brothers’ threats almost led him to suicide

His two brothers held a knife to his throat looking for money

Neil Treacy

Genuinely jaw-dropping stuff.

Over the last two weeks, Emmanuel Adebayor has been revealing just how dysfunctional his family are, with stories alleging that his brother Rotimi is a possible kleptomania, and others about how he claims his family demanded that he build each of them a house and pay them a wage, just for existing.

It was stuff that would make Jeremy Kyle cringe, and while they brought out of bit of nervous laughter while we read them, his latest lengthy post made us feel queasy.

After last week’s post, Adebayor said he would be revealing even more shocking stories from his family’s past, and in particular his brother eldest brother Kola, who he refers to as “The Lion of Judah”.

We were expecting something explosive, but weren’t prepared for a story this frightening.

Adebayor reveals that while he was playing for Monaco, Kola and his other brother Peter came to visit him looking for money to open a business. When Adebayor revealed he wouldn’t have an amount of money that large for a number of weeks, his brothers became aggressive, also reacting angrily when they witnessed Emmanuel giving €500 to a friend, rather than to them.

He says that he eventually gave them the money they needed, but only after he woke up from a nap to find the pair holding a knife to his throat.

emmanuel 1

But there’s more. After he returned home to Togo some time later, his mother – who had advised him to call the police after the attack by his brothers – then shamed him as a bad son for doing so.

emmanuel 2

In an earlier post, Adebayor had revealed how Kola had failed to return home from Germany following the death of their brother, Peter. Emmanuel goes into great detail about that story in this blog, saying that not only did Kola not return home, but he then blamed him for Peter’s death, saying that the business Emmanuel set up for him wasn’t good enough, before continuously texting him abusive messages.

emmanuel 3

The emotional chiseling at his life by his family has clearly had a profound impact on Adebayor, who has used the expression “blood is thicker than water” on several occasions over the three blogs, and in the final paragraphs of his post, he reveals that on several occasions he was so worn out by his siblings, that he contemplated ending his own life.

emmanuel 4

You can read Adebayor’s full allegations here.

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