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28th Jan 2016

Emmanuel Adebayor is refreshingly honest about his knowledge of Crystal Palace


Tom Victor

When a footballer joins a less heralded club than his previous employer, there are normally a couple of ways to go about the first press conference.

You can go full Robbie Keane, revealing you’ve always dreamed of playing for Coventry Inter Milan Leeds Tottenham Liverpool LA Galaxy.

Or you can reel off the usual by-the-book platitudes about your new club.

If it’s Liverpool, talk of the rich history. Leeds United or Sheffield Wednesday? Sleeping giant. Newcastle? Mention the ‘best fans in the country’™.

But Emmanuel Adebayor, upon joining Crystal Palace, decided to cut the bullsh*t and admit he didn’t know all that much about his new employers.

Crystal Palace v Manchester City - Carling Cup

“I don’t know much about the club but it’s better to learn so I’ll be going on Google and finding out more about them,” the Togolese striker said.

You’re probably wondering which interviewer caught him unawares, and why the club didn’t try to knock it on the head.

So it’s strange to learn that those words were the official quote he gave to the club website. No, really.

His time in South London should be fun.

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