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30th Jun 2018

Donald Trump has been hearing a lot of good things about Christian Ronaldo

Conan Doherty

Donald Trump is building up quite a portfolio for himself.

He can pronounce Puerto Rico, he can market the beaches for Tourism North Korea and now he can just shoot the breeze about football.

Not football football. Football.

Never one to be deterred by his limitations or his lack of knowledge, the president of the United States of America sat with Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa of Portugal and just did what lads do – or what most lads do when one talks football and the other pretends to be up to speed.

So with the Portuguese president in full-on World Cup mode and vocally brimming with pride about raising a co-GOAT as a proud native, Donald Trump chimed in too.

“They say he is the greatest player,” he said in footages from CNN as Trump did that thing where you basically just repeat the last sentence so you can bullshit your way through.

He was soon caught out though when he asked the sort of question of Cristiano Ronaldo that you might expect of Adnan Januzaj coming through at United.

“So tell me, how good a player is he? Are you impressed?”

Naturally, do Sousa had to repeat that they were discussing the best player in the world.

So Trump turned to a joke.

“So will Christian ever run for president against you?”

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