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28th Feb 2019

Big Sam backs Donald Trump during radio rant against Theresa May’s Brexit strategy

Wayne Farry

Make Big Sam Great Again!

In many ways, Big Sam Allardyce and Donald Trump are very alike. They are both hefty men who love gravy, both know a thing or two about securing a deal – Allardyce did bring Steven Nzonzi to Blackburn for just half a million pound after all – and both fucking adore the sound of their own voices.

There are differences too: while Big Sam is partial to a pint or two of wine, Trump is a well-known teetotal, and while Big Sam was ousted from the biggest job in his country for meeting with people he shouldn’t have, the same fate has not befallen Trump.

If you had looked at the political landscape in recent years and thought to yourself, “I bet Big Sam might be a bit of a gammon who likes Donald Trump” then, guess what? You were right.

Sam was on talkSPORT on Thursday appearing on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, when the topic of Brexit and Trump came up, and it was an absolute doozy.

In the sort of discourse rarely seen since heavyweights like Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley sat down and engaged in intellectual pugilism, Allardyce and Mike Graham shared their views on the US president.

“He’s done more for America than we can ever imagine,” Big Sam told talkSPORT, as part of a discussion in which Graham had suggested that, were Trump in charge of the UK, he’d have already walked away from the negotiation table with the EU.

“He’s turned their economy around, their economy is booming and we’re just making a complete and utter mess.

“We’re looking so stupid at the political level, it’s embarrassing, it’s global embarrassment what we’re doing with Brexit.

“He’s a businessman isn’t he, he knows when the time is right to get the deal done or not.”

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