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24th Nov 2022

Didi Hamann absolutely destroys Neymar’s legacy during half-time rant

Lee Costello

“This guy plays for himself.”

Didi Hamann destroys Neymar’s legacy in a damming rant following the first half of Brazil’s World Cup opener against Serbia.

The game was 0-0 at the break, and if any threat was coming from the five time world champions, then it was coming from Vinicius Jr, rather than the PSG player.

Many have piped the Brazilian to be the star of this World Cup, given that he is now in his peak, playing fantastic football for his club, and much more experienced compared to previous tournaments.

Hamann Neymar

However, after a disappointing showing in the first half, RTE pundit Hamann, didn’t mince his words when analysing his performance, and career to date.

“Watching Neymar, he must have given the ball away six or seven times in that first half, and we talk about the third best player, or one of the best players in the world – I think it’s an insult to Messi and Ronaldo to name him in the same breath.

“He likes to show, he wants to nutmeg people, but you watched Spain the other day and every pass, every ball, everything that’s done, is done in the interest of the team.

Hamann Neymar

“This guy plays for himself.

“When I watch Brazil play, they have got so much quality, but then you have got one guy who thinks he is above the rest., who is better than the rest, and obviously it’s detrimental for the team.

“Obviously Ronaldo is 37 now, he’s not the player he was, this guy should be in his prime, he’s 30 – if he ever wins a World Cup it’s this one.

“But judging on this first half, I’m not sure what’s going on in his head, but he’s more interested to look good himself, than the team.”

Things did get better for Neymar as Brazil went on to win the game 2-0, finally finding their way through a very stubborn Serbia side with both goals coming Richarlison.

The second one was an incredible acrobatic kick that you could only dream of scoring, and worthy of winning any World Cup game.

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