WATCH: David Luiz' response to Sergio Aguero's red card tackle was unqualified class 4 years ago

WATCH: David Luiz' response to Sergio Aguero's red card tackle was unqualified class

David Luiz was lucky to finish Chelsea's latest win in one piece.

The Brazilian played a key role in Chelsea recording a 3-1 win over Manchester City at Eastlands, this afternoon, and paid tribute to the victims of the Chapecoense plane crash with teammate Willian.

Luiz was fortunate to escape a red card for a body check on Sergio Aguero in the first half. Perhaps that was playing on Aguero's mind when the Argentine launched himself into an injury time challenge on Luiz.

He connected a high boot with Luiz' knee [pictured below] and had no complaints when he was shown a red card.

Luiz knee

City teammate Fernandinho was also given his marching orders for a serious of open-handed chops on the larynx of Cesc Fabregas.

Post-match, Luiz was asked about the Aguero incident and his response was pure class. He said:

"I don't really like to talk about these things. Sometimes the players are frustrated with the result or something that happened.

"Sergio is an amazing. He scores a lot of goals and gives a lot to football.

"I prefer not to talk about this. I prefer to give this victory for the people in Brazil. It was a difficult week for us, especially emotionally. I had some friends there [at Chapecoense] so it was difficult to prepare the head to play this type of game but I just need to pray for the families and for their hearts as it is a difficult moment for everybody."


Fair play to Luiz for rising above it.

Life is too short, he knows, and too precious.

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